Keep Calm and Graduate…


So I am finishing my degree at the end of the year… was supposed to be this semester, however I deferred a subject to balance out my life better. Flexible study is one of the reasons I love studying at USQ.

I can’t help but think about next year. Life without uni? What is that? Lol. Do I stay home? Do I stay at my part time job? Do I look for a full time job? So many options.

The past few months, and many more to come have been filled of time spent applying for graduate positions and full time jobs for after I graduate. A hard truth to swallow, going to working full time, after years of balancing family/uni/work.  I can’t decide if the transition from uni to work is going to give me more time, or take up my time?!  All the same, I am excited at the idea of beginning my career in my chosen field (which for me is accounting). It almost feels as though a job offer will be comparable to winning the lotto, being rewarded for all the hard work I have put in to get my degree.

As I think about the job prospects that may be around the corner, I am also looking forward to the perks that come with it. The opportunities to buy a house and live off a full time wage are definitely worth all the effort and all night assignment writing. So I guess thinking about “what’s next” has assisted in keeping me motivated and on track to finish uni on a high. So much to think about!

Even though there is a whole lot to consider over the next 12 months, USQ have been extremely supportive. Offering avenues to apply for grad jobs, explaining what a grad job is (which is a job in your first year as a graduate by the way – usually with added support and training) and assisting with networking by organising career expos and online forums. There is definitely no excuse to not know what to do, where to apply or what my options are.

If I am honest with myself, I still do not know if I will accept a full time job offer next year. Crazy? No, I still have my youngest to think about, she starts prep in 2014, so another year with her, may not be a bad idea. Nonetheless, she has another 6 months of growing up to do. So to be sure not to miss any opportunity, I have applied (for numerous) jobs, and we will see what happens. Who knows I may even decide to stay at USQ forever and do a masters… Whatever the future brings, I know I’ll be ready. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

USQ Career Fair Employer Tip


The University of Southern Queensland’s Career Fair is about building bridges to future career paths and helping students enter their chosen career after graduation.

In this video blog, employers share their tips for gaining employment after graduation with our students during USQ Career Fair.

What are your tips for meeting employers for the first time and securing graduate employment?

Pride, Power and People

Well, week eight of semester is here. Hello assignments, hello exam revision, hello stress. Yes, everyone feels it at this stage in the semester. That feeling that you will never hurdle over the pile of assignments sitting in front of you. That feeling that no matter how many hours of revision is spent on a subject, the pages of notes will never suffice that required to pass…let alone do well. That feeling that the mid-semester break is just a few too many weeks away to aid in reducing current anxiety levels (hurry up holidays!!). I am sure that these thoughts are running through the minds of all students, well, they are certainly running through mine.

During one night of intense studying and research earlier this week, I stumbled completely by accident across Facebook…namely the USQ Facebook page. I found this hilarious suggestion at what studying really involves (ironic)…and  it definitely brightened my night! Clearly this graph is not accurate, as there is no section in this graph depicting the time spent thinking about studying. Nevertheless, I had to include this in my blog.

While I was looking at the USQ Facebook page (for research purposes – studying social media in a marketing degree is totally acceptable), it came to my attention that I could register to get a FREE USQ PHOENIX SHIRT!! (OMG free stuff, this requires further investigation). I followed the link to the website, and little did I know that this website wasn’t just about getting a free shirt, it was a lot more exciting than that…

The first thing I noticed when I opened the link was the banner at the top of the page stating “91.3% of our students go on to full-time employment or further study”. This statement shocked me! It made me realise that by choosing to study at USQ, I was placing myself in a very good position to actually get employed in my field of study. After all, isn’t that why we are all at uni in the first place? To get a good job, to get a better job, or to get a new job? It seemed like USQ was pretty good at ensuring their students are able to do all three.

After having a look through the various Phoenix web pages, I stumbled across some videos – – and particularly the TV Commercial (which I actually saw on TV the night after finding it on the webpage). I thought this was such a lovely TV commercial because it really shows what USQ is all about…empowering its students. Students go to USQ to become empowered with knowledge, with community, with guidance and with a career outcome. And I believe USQ exceeds at doing this. Well, if so many students are being employed in the workforce they have to be doing something right!

But back to the free shirt….all I had to do was register a few details and they will post my shirt out to me! It couldn’t be any easier J I also got to join the Facebook fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of their shirt! I will wear this phoenix T-shirt with pride, knowing that I am studying at a tertiary institution that is proud to have me as a student. I will proudly study at USQ, proudly graduate from USQ, and very proudly join the 91.3% of students who have achieved their dreams because of USQ. Bring on my shirt!

As I continued to study social media for academic purposes (aka surf Facebook) I found an event page of Phoenix Day – next Wednesday 12th September 2012. Phoenix Day, what the? Upon further reading I discover Phoenix Day is a celebration of pride within the university… for all of the staff and students…at all three campuses! There is going to be music, free food and activities for everyone. What an awesome way for USQ to kick of this feeling of pride, with a big celebration :)

Well, talk about a good study session. My notebook is full! My first note: PRIDE – 91.3% of USQ students go on to full-time employment or further study. Lecturers always love a few good statistics. My second point: POWER – as a USQ student I am full of power, knowledge, diligence, a sense of community…and more importantly….a wonderful starting point for my career. My last important note: PEOPLE – at Phoenix Day, USQ is bringing together people to celebrate our university.

PRIDE, POWER AND PEOPLE – I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I would like to finish my blog by thanking all of the devoted blog fans who follow the USQ students on their journey. We appreciate your support and we love to share Our USQ Story with you.