Welcome to Springfield

Welcome to Springfield campus! My name is Jordan and today I’ll be taking you on a tour of all the amazing things which happen at USQ Springfield.

Before we embark on today’s tour, I’ll begin with a little about myself. I have been a student of Springfield campus since first commencing my double-degree program (Bachelor of Business & Bachelor of Laws) in March 2010 – a keen 17 year old straight out of high school and excited for the experiences of university. Fast forward to today, I am currently in my third year of study and have had the marvellous opportunity of being involved in and experiencing the on-campus life at Springfield.

As a student of Springfield campus, I am one of approximately 1700 individuals studying hard toward completing tertiary studies. Whilst I have studied by external mode for a few of my business courses, I find the on-campus mode of study essential to the university experience – encompassing a study/social balance of the time spent at university. As a resident of the Greater Springfield region, USQ is my local university. This makes transport to the campus stress-free – only 5 minutes’ drive from home to the campus (no excuses to be late for class). In addition to the fantastic facilities available at Springfield campus, the things I love most about being a student of USQ include the abundance of student support services available and all the extra-curricular activities and events on offer to students.

Wednesdays at Springfield are always full of activity and excitement. Common hour happens every Wednesday between 12-2pm is a chance for hard working students (like me) to take a break and enjoy the fun social activities run by the campus.  Key highlights for this year include the Sumo and Sushi event, the multi-cultural celebration ‘Harmony day’ and (my personal favourite) on-going Interfaculty challenges. Much like the competition between the four houses of Hogwarts in Harry Potter, interfaculty challenges see students grouped together based on their area of study and face-off in competitions against their rival faculties. These interfaculty challenges can get quite intense (as pictured below).

In addition to the abundance of events and activities, Springfield campus offers a number of clubs, societies and sporting groups for students to join. In the late half of 2010, I signed up to the university’s Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) group. SIFE is an extra-curricular association in many universities worldwide, bearing the motto a head for business, a heart for the world. The group’s focus is to apply concepts and theories learned through our studies by instituting and implementing community based projects, all with the intention on giving back to the community. In 2010 and 2012 I was given the opportunity to travel to Melbourne to represent the USQ SIFE team at the national conference, competing against 24 other universities Australia-wide.

One saying I carried throughout my high school days, into my studies at university is, ‘when opportunity knocks, answer the door.’ With this in mind I encourage all students to get involved and take on all the wondrous opportunities on offer to them throughout their studies.

With all this extra-curricular fun, it is important to also find balance between studies and social life.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there is study to be done.

More adventures to be continued…..