The Final Battle: Exam Block

Here it is… exam block… The two-week finale where students university-wide are able to demonstrate the fruits of what they have learned throughout the semester.

For a student, this is the equivalent of the final battle before the end of the movie – the epic fight between Harry Potter and the dark lord Voldemort, the showdown between Spiderman and the Green Goblin, the battle of the Morannon in Lord of the Rings…. See where am I going with this?

When it comes to this time in the semester, stress can be sky high and motivation to study can be at an all-time low. However, this can be overcome with prior preparation and by having the right support networks in place. To avoid the exam block ‘SOS,’ USQ’s student services provide timetables and stress-management fact-sheets to assist and help manage students to over-come exam block anxieties.

It’s brilliant to know you’re supported, especially in this time of the semester. In addition to the fantastic student services support, USQ provide several means for students to get help – whether you study on-campus or via distance education.

One thing I have come to understand through my three years of university study is that each student has their very own unique and individual methods of preparation for exam block. Despite my endless search for the perfect methods of exam study, I have found the following three exam-stress tips provided by the USQ student guild extremely useful in my exam preparation:

  1. Develop effective study habits: Establish a study area, find out as many details as you can about the exam, prior to exam block, and use past exam papers to aid in your preparation. The use of to-do lists and study time-tables are beneficial in planning revision in the lead up to exams. Forming study groups may also be an effective way to collaboratively prepare for an exam.
  2. Keep a routine outside of study: Remember to take regular breaks, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Despite time being of the essence, students need to maintain a regular sleeping pattern and make time for exercise.
  3. Manage your expectations: Most of all, put your exam into context, be happy with your achievements and know what you are capable of – just like the W. Clement Stone quote, “always aim for the moon, for if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.”

With the light at the end of the tunnel quickly approaching, I wish all students the very best in their exams this semester. For all those reading this post who want to know how I best prepare for my exam block, this video will pretty much cover it (and provide some laughs along the way).

Study Hard, and enjoy the summer break!