My Learning Journey

Well, it’s over. The first year of my degree is over. With the end of the year coming up, what better way to reflect upon my journey so far than to share it with you….

The year just gone is my 13th year of education, in my 18 years of life. That’s over two-thirds of my life spent learning about the world, life and topics in which I am interested. It’s thousands of dollars of uniforms and stationary…it’s hundreds of teachers, lecturers and tutors…and countless quizzes, assignments and exams. I’m pretty lucky, aren’t I? According to an American study, only 6.7% of the world’s population have undertaken tertiary education, and I will become one of them. I know it’s easy to say this now since exams are over and there are no assignments to make me rethink being my decision to go to uni, but I am grateful that I am able to become part of the 6.7% of the world’s population that hung in there.

In my reflections, I asked myself what I had learnt this year (and I urge you to do the same). In my subjects this year, I have learnt everything from how to evaluate shares on the stock market, to the history of the radio. I have learnt the basics of contract law, and how to manage conflicts in the workplace. I have learnt what makes a consumer purchase a product, or how to mathematically test a hypothesis. I have been given the opportunity to understand the world a little better, in more areas than I had ever imagined. I am sure for everyone reading, whether you are at university or not, you have also learnt something this year. You may have learnt a new trick on your skateboard; you may have learnt a new song on the guitar; you may have learnt about the solar system; or you may have learnt how to read. No matter how young or old, we are all learning. I guess university is just a formal way to learn about the things you like.

During holiday time, I always try to have a bit of ‘r and r’ – reflecting and resolving. I have already done the reflecting part…so it’s time for some resolutions! When I began thinking about making some resolutions for 2013, I starting along the lines of, “I am going to begin all of my assignments as soon as I get them” and “I am not going out on the weekend if I am not up-to-date with all of my study”. (But I guess, to stick to resolutions, they have to be realistic). So instead I have come up with the following resolutions for 2013 in relation to my studies:

1. Be grateful to learn – it’s not a right, it’s an opportunity.

It is easy to get bogged down in study, and only see it as a chore that must be done. In 2013, I want to look at every assignment as an opportunity to learn and develop skills.

2. Share my own knowledge or experiences with someone who needs a helping hand.

When I look back and think about all those people who had given me advice about exams or study tips, I found that information invaluable. I want to pass on my tips and experiences to others, in the hope that it makes their journey a little easier too.

3. Take time to thank those people who, each day, help me achieve my dream

It’s simple: I admit to being ‘outwardly stressed’ (see picture below). So it’s time to say, “Sorry” and “Thank-you” to those who took the punches when times were tough.

Well, I think these resolutions are a bit more achievable… and a bit more rewarding. With a new year on the horizon, it’s a great time for everyone to have a bit of ‘r and r’. For everyone who has been lucky enough to undertake education this year: be grateful. For those who have experienced the joys of life: share these joys. For those who have been given a gift, talent or skill: use this to help those who are less fortunate than yourself.

This year, 2012, has made me realise that education is a gift, an opportunity and an honour.  So let’s celebrate our fortunes! May everyone have a safe and happy holiday (or an enjoyable third semester of study) and from the team of USQ bloggers: thank-you for your support and you will hear from us in 2013!

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